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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Vintage Fashion Goodies

On our little hunting trip we stayed with some good friends. Shirley and I love to go junking when we are together, and I think she may get tickled at some of the things I'm interested in. A couple of years ago when I bought some vintage patterns and sewing notions she asked me, "Now tell me, just what are you going to do with those things?" I told her that I intended on sewing with them. So when we got home she found some of her old fabrics and asked me if I could use them for anything. I quickly told her sure I could! The cute little duck in the center of one of the squares I did for the wonky log cabin I'm working on came from some of that fabric.

This time she brought out this dress, and asked me if I'd like to have it to make something with. Again, I was quick with the affirmative. I don't know what my plans are yet, but I will figure out something. Right now I'm thinking maybe an apron, or a sundress for one of the girls.

She showed me the most delicate and pretty slips and camisoles that her mother-in-law bought her years ago that she still has in the boxes. They were so pretty. I hate that we don't use pretty things like that much anymore.

Earlier that day I had told her about how my grand-daughters love vintage handkerchiefs, and that my sister- in- law had sent them each one. I told her how they carried them and were so proud of them. Then she told me that she had some gloves and handkerchiefs that had belonged to her aunt, and she asked if I might like them too. Well, you know I didn't turn them down.

Just look! I have to tell you those girls are going to love the next time they get to play dress-up here!

I would love to see the outfit that went with these!

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