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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Vintage dress for Sweet Cheeks

Life has been a whirlwind lately, and it’s turned me around so many times in so many directions I really can’t tell you what I’ve done or where I’ve been. Good thing I’m not the type to follow a rigid schedule. I’ve pretty much always flown by the seat of my pants.

I have done a little sewing and have a few things to share, but only one at a time. So here’s the latest thing I’ve completed. (Please, don’t ask how many I’ve started, because I’m not sure I could tell you.) This is a dress from a vintage pattern. I made the pink, purple, and lime green one above a couple of years ago for Scooter, and now Sweet Cheeks has inherited it via the hand-me-down machine.

I used to love receiving hand me downs from my cousin when I was growing up. It was like Christmas for me. I couldn’t wait to pull each item out of the bag and try it on. Opps, sorry, I do digress, back to the dress. Anyway the dress I made for Scooter that now belongs to Sweet Cheeks (are you still with me, I think I’m going in circles here) is her mom’s favorite dress on her, and she asked me the other day if I got time could I make another one for her. So I did. I used two pieces from my stash. I’m not sure where either of them came from, but I think they go together nicely.

I’m hoping to get time to make another one really soon. This is such a sweet pattern, and I think next time I'll make the option with pockets.


  1. That IS a cute dress. I love how the back looks like an apron dress.

  2. I love them both!!! You do such a good job! And for the record, I still have people who clean out their closets each season (must be nice) give me their hand me downs!!! I still love it, and really love it when Noah is blessed!!!
    Thanks for sharing your talents with us!