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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Baby Fun

We had so much fun planning a shower for my beautiful daughter-in-law.  My daughter and I have talked about little else in the past few weeks.  My daughter really wanted to make everything perfect.  She had the greatest ideas, and couldn't wait to get started on them. However, the week of the shower my daughter got very sick.  After she spent the day in the hospital and the next three heavily medicated, we had to let some of our plans go.  We moved the shower from her house to my mom's.  Even though we didn't get to do all of the things we planned to it turned out really sweet.  Now we are just waiting for the sweet baby's arrival.

My lovely daughter-in-law

We made a clothesline and hung several of the outfits I saved from when my son was a baby.

I took a tree branch and hung baby socks, pacifiers, clear balls with colored water, smaller ones with blue candies, and trimmed it with blue Christmas lights, (they didn't show up well in the pictures,) and little baby party favors.  It made a great center piece.

Just some of the party food, the adorable cake, made by my daughter, who by the way is also beautiful, turned over on the way to the shower, but she worked her magic on it and look, no one could even tell!  

We used vintage planters to hold flowers and candles through out the kitchen and living room.
The mom to be had a lot of help opening her gifts, at times they even got ahead of her.
The grandkids all had a blast, they thought the party was all about them, and of course we didn't tell them otherwise.

My mom with her two great grandsons, now we are preparing for her third.

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