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Friday, November 6, 2009

November Musings

Autumn always makes me feel nostalgic.  I don't know why.  Memories seem to flood my mind as my favorite time of year rolls around.  My mind is simply full of beautiful memories.  I feel guilty sometimes because I am so blessed when so many are hurting.  As Thanksgiving approaches, which by the way is my favorite holiday, I am truly filled with gratitude already.  You see, I fall too many times into the habit of complaining, which is a sorry waste of time.  I whine when the light doesn't turn green fast enough, or when I come home to a mess I didn't make, trivial stuff.  

So instead of wallowing in negativity over miniscule mishaps

 or disappointments, I'm going to enjoy my sweet memories.  I'm going to make a really short list, compared to the fullness of my heart, and maybe some of my divulging will trigger some of your fond memories too.  Here goes:

-The supper table - noisy, joyful sharing, often talking over one another, and acting out various scenes from our day 
-walks together as a family down a dirt road in the evening
-summer swims
-sliding down steep hills, covered in dry grass  in the fall on big cardboard appliance boxes
-evening devotions and some of the funny things my little brothers prayed for 
-singing in the car on trips with the windows rolled down
-singing off key on the front porch while my dad played the guitar
-yard and garden work, which I hated at the time, but now look back on fondly
-chasing fireflies at dusk in the summer
-decorating the Christmas tree and singing carols
-the wonderful spur of the moment snacks my mom would make like caramel pop corn or chocolate oatmeal cookies
-visits from friends and relatives
-trips to my grandparents
-running down the cold hall in the morning and jumping in my parent's bed and listening to them tell me stories

Okay, I did say short list so I'll stop there for now.  Man, I didn't even get past early childhood.  I guess that's enough reminiscing for one night,  but when you get started down memory lane it's kinda hard to stop.  If I lose my short term memory as I get older, at least I'll have some pleasant things to dwell on, and tell over and over again.

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