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Thursday, November 5, 2009

It was a gorgeous day here!  The girls came over for a visit, and we spend a great deal of time outside.  We played hide-n-seek, and Angel Eyes informed me that I might need to hide behind the fat trees so she wouldn't be able to see me.  Okay, we'll just let that comment stand on it's own.  She meant no malice,  just giving me pointers before we started the game.  I laughed out loud, and so far haven't cried in private.  The truth does smart a little though! 


We walked through the "forest" (a few little pines to the side of the house) in search of animals.  All we found were several crawdad houses.  I wish I knew
 more about them, because the girls were really curious.  

After that was craft time, we started out trying our hand at pine cone turkeys, and quickly moved on to other animals.  Later they had a blast just cutting up the paper and trying to make something out of the shape they had cut.  It was kind of like trying to find a picture in the clouds.  It occupied them for the longest while.  

Sweet Cheeks really wanted to use those scissors and she tried very hard, but she just couldn't get it to work for her

 so she moved on to bubbles, which she had a little difficulty with too, 

so she made her own.  

Then a picnic was in order, not a true picnic in the grass, but a halfway picnic on the porch.  

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