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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Random Thoughts, A Great Blog, and A Commercial

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe............
I am not that woman!  First of all, my entire body would never fit into a shoe no matter the size, much less my entire family, and I didn't know what to do before I started having children, so I certainly can't blame them!  I am surrounded by children, always have been, and even when I don't know what to do I consider them a blessing.  My life has been enriched greatly by all of the children in my life.  I hope that in some way I have enriched theirs as well.  I am feeling rich today, rich in the relationships of my life.  Thanks for indulging me in my sentimentality.

Changing gears here, I found an amazing site this morning I want to share with you.  I'm linking you to one page of the site, but browse around and check out the various articles, there is a lot of great stuff there!  I haven't read it all yet, but am trying to let my brain marinate in what I have read so maybe the flavor will stick.  I particularly relate to The Mild Manifesto, but I could never have put how I felt into words.     

Okay, now the commercial:  My mom has been telling me what a prevention using a saline solution every day is for a long time.  On a recent trip to the Dr.  with one of my grandchildren the Dr. suggested saline drops to help her get over her cold more quickly.  I told him that I used Simply Saline everyday, and he said that if everyone did this 85% of his patients,  wouldn't need his services.  I am in no way affiliated with this product or company, but I thought with all of the sickness going around this might be a tip some of you would appreciate. 

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