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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving Gone Old School

Our Thanksgiving celebration was quite different than what we usually do.  My husband decided we should try having it outdoors this year.  Thankfully, we live in a climate where it was possible to pull that off.  He decided to cook the turkey over a fire, and then really began to get excited.  He said,  “Let’s tell the kids they can dress up like pilgrims or indians if they would like, and I’ll roast corn on the fire, and cook collards in the big pot.  You can cook something in the Dutch ovens.  We can play some sort of games.  They will really get a kick out of that!”  

My very own mountain man
We soon started planning and things just kept growing to the point that Wednesday he was constructing a corn hole game, while I sewed up bean bags and made 8 pilgrim skirts and three indian shirts, all while trying to also put together our part of the meal. In the beginning he shunned any idea of food cooked indoors.  He kept saying,  "Did the pilgrims do it that way?”  When I politely pointed out that the pilgrims probably didn’t have a motorized rotisserie, he conceded and let me continue with some of the dishes that are traditional for our family.
The little pinecone turkey was made by Thumper.

Angel Eyes preferred to wear her Little House on the Prairie dress instead of a pilgrim skirt.  She lives and breathes Little House.  I am not exaggerating when I say she has read the whole series at least 20 times.  She completely wore out one set of books, and the set she got for Christmas last year are well for the wear too.

Nothing taste quite as good as fire roasted corn!

Although things were a little different than usual there were plenty of similarities too.  We all ate too much, we enjoyed being together, and we couldn’t get a few certain people to even consider playing a board game with us.  


Standing in line for their great-grandpa to cut them a piece of sugar cane

Staring into the sun, trying to hurry before some have to leave, very imperfect-perfect picture

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday.  It revolves around the things that are dear to me faith and family.


  1. What wonderful memories that I am sure will be shared for years to come.

  2. What wonderful memories that I am sure will be shared for years to come.

    1. Thank you, Rocky. I hope so. There is talk of doing it again next year. Maybe this time we will get a little earlier start.