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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Summer's End and More Family Fun

We were so excited when we got a call from our niece in California saying she and her family were coming to visit!!!  It had been so long since we had seen them and could hardly believe they were going to be coming our way.

Only one of her children had ever met only one of our grandchildren and that was when they were both babies so, of course, they didn't remember. 

 We had so much fun!  We did all of the country life sort of things like riding in the back of the truck, feeding the cows...

a little alligator handling...
and a little fishing

We took a little trip down to the beach for a little cousin time.

There were mermaid tales to build.

There were little crabs just begging to be caught.

And wheelbarrow races are ever so much more fun in the water.

 The water and sand were great fun, but...

 what we enjoyed the most was just being together!  I hope we get to do it all again really soon!

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