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Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Trouble with Burlap Buntings

My daughter asked me to help her with decorations for a wedding shower.  She had some great ideas for decorating and so the fun began.  She wanted burlap buntings and she wanted purples worked into them as well.  We perused Pinterest for days messaging ideas back and forth.  We bought some burlap, and just before cutting into it I realized, this stuff is going to ravel big time!

I did a quick search for how to reduce raveling when cutting burlap and found great stuff on cutting straight lines, but nothing about cutting on the diagonal.  My quick search lasted much longer than I wanted it to, and I finally gave up on someone else doing the trial and error for me.

I decided to try painting the burlap with Modge Podge.   After trying to put it on straight out of the bottle, I realized it would go on much better if I  thinned it down a bit.  I coated the whole piece and waited for it to dry.  

Once it was dry, I drew off my pattern and began cutting away.  I ended up making three different buntings, one with birds and purple fabric mums, one with Mr. and Mrs, and one with purple fabric roses.  They turned out great, and the Modge Podge really did the trick.

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  1. Love that bunting. It looks really cute done in burlap!