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Monday, April 22, 2013

A Beautiful Day and Place for a Wedding Shower

I spent most of last week helping my daughter get ready for a wedding shower.   What fun it is to plan to celebrate the beginning of a family.  I shared a little yesterday about making the burlap buntings.  Here is one of them hung up in the tree.

Here is a shot of the over-all area.  I didn't get a picture of the complete decor, because I had to leave with the kids before my son-in-law had a chance to hang the swing and another bunting, and before the sun started to set and the tree lights showed up.  Before the lovely cake arrived or the last finishing touches of flowers were placed, but you can get a general idea about where this all was going.
I made this from an old window frame I rescued several years ago with plans to collage family pictures and memorabilia.  I never got around to it, but I made some burlap roses and a heart bunting and we used it to showcase some of the bride and groom's family photos.  Now that the shower is over, I plan to get busy on that collage idea.
I found this cute card catcher idea on Pinterest, of course.  What can't you find on there?  The little pillow inspiration came from a pretty linen pillow I saw on a blog a while back.  I'm not sure exactly where, but it stuck in my head, and so I tried to recreate it using burlap.  I think it worked out nicely.

I made a  fabric garland to border the front of the cake table, and a wreath with burlap and fabric roses to serve as a backdrop.  I wish I had been able to get a picture of it once the food was set up.  I'm hoping someone else did who might be willing to let me post their pictures.

We hung clear and frosted glass balls all in the tree limbs, along with several paper lanterns.
Pretty doo-dads here and there.  Special little touches.

I really wish you could see the lights, and the bunting a little clearer.

Sweet flower arrangements done by the bride's mom.

The lanterns waiting to be hung look like we are hosting a giant easter egg hunt.

People started coming with the food and more flowers, and my son-in-law got ready to hang the swing, and I had to speed away with the littlest ones before they got wind that a party was going to go on without them.  


  1. Absolutely beautiful, Ms. Mindy!!!!

  2. Absolutely the most creative decor for a wedding shower I have ever seen!! Talk about some great ideas'!! Mindy Harmon,you are something else!!