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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More Kisses From Heaven!!!

Within just 7 weeks we have been blessed twice with new grandchildren, what an amazing blessing! Here are a few pictures of our newest little bundle of joy meeting her family.
All of the children waiting anxiously for Mommy and Daddy to introduce them to their new baby sister. Just look at those eager faces!

She is finally here! Everyone crowds around trying to examine her closely!
Little Dino-boy doesn't want to leave her side.
Angel Eyes takes her turn holding her precious, newest sister. Of course, it's love at first sight!

Next it's Sweet Cheeks turn. We call her little Momma, because, well, because she pretty much keeps everyone in line, and she does love babies!
Dino is trying really hard to be patient, but he can hardly wait for his turn.
Scooter didn't want her turn to end, and on the way home she told me excitedly that her hands still smelled like her new little sister. Don't you just love that new baby smell?
Well, Dino-boy finally got to hold her, and doesn't his adoring face say it all?
We had to try to reel in Thumper's enthusiasm just a bit. She wanted to grab her and squeeze her just like one of her dolls.
My mom really loves being a great-grandma, and my dad is going to be a little jealous that she got to hold this bundle of joy before him. However, I'm sure his turn won't be far off.
Sweet cheeks is still swooning over her,
as we all are. Isn't she lovely?


  1. Oh, Mindy how PRECIOUS is that... A brand new SWEET baby and to be surrounded by so many ARMS of LOVE!!! I can't wait to share this post with the family. They are going to be so delighted. We will continue to pray for settling in, rest and healing. Blessings

  2. I can't tell you how much those prayers are appreciated!

  3. So many precious moments!!! What a life sweet little Dino-boy must have with all those sisters to take care of him!! :-) They're all simply adorable!! :-) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you, Gwen. We laugh about the fact that his poor wife will have to be approved by of all these sisters. Yes, they do all love and take care of him, and he pretty much loves it at this point.

  5. Congratulations on the new arrivals. All of those children are adorable!

    1. thank you, Shay. i think so too, but I may be a bit bias.

  6. I love the Big Brother shot!!!! Congratulations!!!

  7. Tiffany, he's still just as adoring!

  8. Wonderful pictures. Rhonda told me you had some pictures up on your blog. Margie