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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kisses from Heaven

I can't even begin to explain the love that a grandchild brings into one's life!  It is beyond words, and each time I am freshly amazed at the instant flood of love that overtakes me upon sight of a new grand baby!  Adrenaline junkies should have grand kids, because it just has to surpass jumping off buildings and such by a mile!
This is our new little wonder!  Momma and baby are both beautiful, and doing great!

Pooh Bear getting his first glimpse of his little sister.

Bell just can't get enough of her.  It's all she talks about, and she wants to hold her continually!

Spidey is in love with her too, he told me yesterday that even her sneezes are cute.

Of course, her parents are smitten as well!  Daddy's still a little apprehensive about what to do with brand new little girls.

You've gotta know I'm over the moon for her!  
                                                  It is certainly no accident that we call them GRAND!


  1. Congratulations Mindy. She is a little cutie. Kudos to the new parents!

    I totally agree with you. There is NOTHING like a grand child.

  2. Congrats!!! So happy for ya'll! Glad you are as "blessed" and "familiar" with this feeling as you are!!! You deserve it!