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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thrifting Date

After spending a lot of time hunting, including part of the holidays, my husband decided to take me on the date of my choice. We started out junking, and ended the day Friday by going toBellingraph Gardens to their Magic Christmas in Lights. We both really enjoyed the day, and he actually suggested we go junking again on Saturday. Of course, I couldn't turn down a chance like that. I came home with vintage patterns...................

some cast iron Amish figures..........

a sweet dollar teapot, vintage children's books, (which I'll share later) some glassware, other sewing stuff, and a huge cast iron Dutch oven, all at a flea market.

We went to this thrift store that was like none other I've ever been to. All of their merchandise was in crates with flip tops, out on tables. After everyone looked through the crates they asked everyone to move to the front of the store. They took down all of those crates and brought in new ones, then they turned everyone loose to go through the boxes they just brought out. There was a sign on the wall with prices. I found a box of old Christmas ornaments, and I paid .79 a pound for them. Aren't they cute?

Fun times!


  1. Wow- I love that old cuckoo clock Christmas ornament with the mushrooms! What an interesting collections of finds!

  2. What delightful finds! You have such precious children, too!