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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pictures in String

Okay, it's January 10th and I still have unfinished Christmas presents. Sad, I know, but some things don't get done on time at my house, (a lot of things, actually.)

Anyway, the grandkids all like to help wash dishes. You know how it is water, a chair, soapy bubbles, what's not to love, if you are a kid that is? So I decided I'd take some of their precious gifts of art and embroider them each their own little dishtowel, at least the oldest ones who can draw. It shows them how special I think their art is, and how special it is to me that they want to help. So I started the project in plenty of time, but lacked one picture. I finally rounded up the little artist and persuaded her to part with a sheet from her portfolio, but I still haven't finished that particular towel. However, I thought I'd share what I've got so far. Aren't they darling, just like them, each one so individual and full of personality.

Don't you all want a set of these lovelies? I may just have to go back and do some for myself!

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  1. Oh aren't these just ADORABLE and I love the sentiment of them Best!!! HHHMMM!!! I wonder whose children these are... LOL!!

  2. Angelina, 2 are Megan's kids and 2 are my son's kids. They are all so creative!

  3. Seriously one of the most adorable ideas I have ever seen !

    Little P would love one of these...

  4. Thanks Shay! It made my heart happy the whole time!

  5. I love how they've turned out!! I think this is a fantastic idea! It would be fun to do a whole quilt like this.

  6. What a great idea! I may have to try that!