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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Last Camp of the Season

I suppose last weekend's camping trip was probably the last one of the season. The water is too cold for swimming, and it gets mighty cool in the evenings in a nylon tent. However, we had a wonderful time. My parents, one of my brothers and my sister-in-law went with us.

This is very close to where my parents grew up, and they took us on a little jaunt to some of their old stomping grounds.

The scenery was beautiful, as was the weather.

Even the drive was beautiful, howbeit, very bumpy! Some of the way we rode across what looked to me to be ditches running across the road, and other times big boulders were part of the roadway which was pretty narrow, making it hard to dodge the various problem spots . I didn't take any pictures of those though because I was too busy taking in the more lovely aspects.

From time to time we got out and hiked a little.

We did a lot of looking...well, there was a lot to see.

Doesn't my brother remind you of Huckleberry Finn with his britches legs rolled up?

Some of the leaves were beginning to turn, like little patches of fire here and there.

Of course there were the regular camping activities, like campfires, tents, cooking, finding and chopping firewood, and setting up camp.


  1. Beautiful! I love the one of your parents walking down the trail, and the 3 guys "looking" with their hand above their eyes!!! And it's nice to see one of you and Pop! You are usually taking pictures, not in them!!! :)

  2. The one of my parents walking is my favorite too. I love seeing a couple who have been married so long holding hands. It does my heart good!

    You're right, I don't particularly like pictures with me in them. Every once in a while I give in though.